About Olliemoves

We are all biological organisms and have certain needs.  The most fundamental need, one which underpins all others, is movement. Without it you simply cannot survive.  If you don’t move, you die, it’s that simple.

In our natural state we move to get water, to forage for food and to hunt.  We move to avoid predators, to builds shelters, to play and to breed.  Just like every other biological organism on the planet, this is our primal nature.

Today most of us are so disconnected from this natural state that not only do we not move in the way we were designed to move, but we actually think that we don’t need to.  It is my firm view that this is the primary cause of much of the modern worlds problems and what Olliemoves seeks to change.

Move naturally, eat naturally and think naturally and life can be a wonderful and free experience.  Unfortunately this is not as easy as it should be in the modern world and Olliemoves, like many primal movements, seeks to assist people in reconnecting with their true nature and capturing the essence of freedom.

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