Grab a ball to have a ball

19 08 2012

I have fond memories of diving around my lounge room floor playing catch with my dad.  Not just because playing catch is fun, it certainly is.  Not just because my hand eye coordination got pretty darn awesome helping me with all kinds of sports later in life. I have fond memories because it was time with my dad. He never seemed to tire of being with me as a kid and I now understand why.  Investing time with your son (or daughter I’d imagine), seeing them happy, growing and learning is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

Alex and I tossed a ball around for ages last night and absolutely loved every minute of it.  We always do. And this kind of activity does wonders for hand eye coordination, peripheral vision and spatial awareness.  Amongst the cheering, the challenging and the occasional apology for a bad throw, we also did a hell of a lot of laughing.

So next time your kids have nothing to do, grab a tennis ball and some lounge room space.  Get down on the floor and have some fun.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly they start to pull off some awesome catches (we call them speckies, short for spectacular) and at just how much fun throwing a ball around can be. Especially when you start to really challenge each other.