How does your weekly shop look?

7 07 2012

Today I’m issuing a challenge and one that might be harder than you think. My challenge is this. Next time you do your weekly (or fortnightly or monthly) shop, instead of putting it all away, lay it out on the bench and take a picture. Now ask yourself something. Are you happy with what it looks like?

Are you happy with how your weekly shop looks?

This is really meant to be a rhetorical challenge and it’s about having a good hard look at what you buy each week.  However, if you’re either proud of where you’re at now, or courageous enough to perhaps post a “before” photo, why not put in on Facebook?  Even better, post it to my Olliemoves page.

You see every day we make choices about what we eat, what we do and how we take care of ourselves, but because they are small decisions we often don’t realise how they add up.  My idea of laying out a weeks, or months food intake out to see is not new, it’s been done on countless diet/weight loss based reality TV shows, but it is still incredibly powerful.

Before going Paleo I used to shop at the supermarket each week and regularly got depressed by aisle after aisle of processed crap that resembles food, as well as what people rolled up to the register with.  Especially the ones with kids.  I mean it’s one thing to feed yourself nothing but “food like products”, but to raise children on that crap?  I’m tempted to take a tangent here and go on a rant about child abuse, but I won’t, cause that’s not the point of this post.  So for at least a couple of years now my weekly shop has been at the fresh food markets.   One of the things I love about the markets is that when you look around and notice what everyone else has in there trolley, they tend to have pretty healthy loads.  I guess cause there’s not much alternative but also cause they are there for the same reason, to get real food.

So the above picture is what my weekly shop looked like today.  It’s not everything I’ll consume this week because I have a pantry full of spices and a garden full of herbs and veggies, but one thing worth noting is the lack of the need for “label” reading.  I tend to work on the basis that if I need to read the label to see if something is healthy or not, it’s not really food anymore!

For the record my shop includes includes; Extra virgin olive oil, coconut water, coconut milk, fennel, pumpkin, royal gala apples, oranges, a lemon, onions, garlic, Kimchi, grape tomatoes, broccoli, parsnips, cauliflower, bok choy, eggplant, a couple of dozen eggs, red capsicum, green capsicum, carrots, bananas, pears, lebanese cucumber, zucchini, mandarins, leek, ginger, orange sweet potato, white sweet potato, kale, mushrooms, Pork belly, butter, lambs liver and bacon.